‘TRUTHREAD’ offers most extensive product range for Thread & Plain gauges.

We manufacture gauges as per various International standards like ISO, ANSI/ ASME, British Standard (BS),DIN, JIS, API.
Designing customized gauging solutions is our specialty.

Buttress thread manufacture

BUTTRESS Thread Gauges

BUTTRESS THREADS are used in the construction of artillery with the screw type breech block / gun barrels OR vices & screw jack. As Buttress Threads can withstand the axial load placed on it OR high force only in one direction, these are suitable for above applications.
American Specifications: ANSI/ ASME B1.9- 1973 for 70/45thread Profile.
B.S Specifications: B.S 1657 – 1950 used for 70/450  and  0/52thread profile.
Manufacturing Range
Thread Plugs , Thread Rings, Check Plugs & Wear Check Plugs of Diameter from 1/2″ to 14″ and TPI from 20 to 2.
For more Technical Details download Technical Information sheet from link given below.

Technical Information Sheet