‘TRUTHREAD’ offers most extensive product range for Thread & Plain gauges.

We manufacture gauges as per various International standards like ISO, ANSI/ ASME, British Standard (BS),DIN, JIS, API.
Designing customized gauging solutions is our specialty.

valve fitting manufacture

GAUGES for valve Fittings

GAUGES for Valve Fittings other than LPG are used to check valves of containers/ cylinder used for conveyance of permanant, Liquefiable & dissolved Gases  upto working pressure 400 bar, Valves of breathing apparatus & fire extinguishers.
BS 341 Part 1 – 1991  (Gauges as per old BS 341-1962 are manufactured on request)
DIN 477- 1984
Manufacturing Range

Taper Thread Plugs, Plain Taper Plug Gauges, Taper Thread Ring Gauges,Master Check Plug to check Rings, Plain Taper Rings to check crest Truncation of Major Diameter, Plain Taper Check Plugs to check Plain Taper Ring Gauges.

As per BS 341 Part 1 – 1991 –   Sizes covered are from 16T, 18T, 19T, 25T, 26T, 32T

As per DIN 477- 1984 –  Sizes covered are from 19.8, 28.8, 31.3.

For more Technical Details download Technical Information sheet from link given below.

Technical Information Sheet