‘TRUTHREAD’ offers most extensive product range for Thread & Plain gauges.

We manufacture gauges as per various International standards like ISO, ANSI/ ASME, British Standard (BS),DIN, JIS, API.
Designing customized gauging solutions is our specialty.

NPTF manufacture

NPTF/PTF Thread Gauges

NPTF THREADS can provide pressure tight seal on threads without use of a sealing compunt (Dry Seal Type). They are used in pipe assemblies where without using sealing compound pressure tight joint is required on threads.
PTF Threads are similar to NPTF but short in length. PTF threads are used in applications similar to NPTF.
ANSI/ ASME B1.20.6 – 1984 which is Metric translation of ANSI B1.20.5-1978 &  American Handbook H-28 Part II – 1957.
Manufacturing Range

Taper Thread Plugs L1 & L3 in both Basic & Step Limit Design,  Plain Taper Plugs to check crest of Threads,
Taper Thread Rings L1 & L2 in both Basic & Step Limit Design, Plain Taper Rings to check crest of external threads (6 step design), Master Check Plugs to check Thread Rings L1 & L2.

Pipe Sizes covered are from 1/16″ to 3″

For more Technical Details download Technical Information sheet from link given below.

Technical Information Sheet