‘TRUTHREAD’ offers most extensive product range for Thread & Plain gauges.

We manufacture gauges as per various International standards like ISO, ANSI/ ASME, British Standard (BS),DIN, JIS, API.
Designing customized gauging solutions is our specialty.

Metric buttress manufacture

SAW TOOTH / METRIC Buttress Thread Gauges

SAW TOOTH THREADS are used in the construction of artillery with the screw type breech block / gun barrels OR vices & screw jack. As Buttress Threads can withstand the axial load placed on it OR high force only in one direction, these are suitable for above applications.
American Specifications: ANSI/ ASME B1.9- 1973 for 70/45thread Profile.
Manufacturing Range
Thread Plugs , Thread Rings, Check Plugs & Wear Check Plugs of Diameter from 1/2″ to 14″ and TPI from 20 to 2.
For more Technical Details download Technical Information sheet from link given below.

Technical Information Sheet